Here is the video for photo shoot portion of the collaboration I was involved in!  This day was so much fun and a great way to show what passionate individuals can accomplish when they come together.  Ready for the shout outs?! Here they come! And if you haven’t already, be sure to check out all the hard work that went into this in the Part I video!


Both of these wonderful ladies can be found at J. Bauman Salon.  Book an appointment with them and I know you’ll be happy with their work.

Makeup Artist:

Pegah does it all.  Her work on this shoot was amazing and on point.  If you need a makeup artist for your event, special day, and everything in between I would highly recommend this classy lady.


What can I say about these two? Absolute pro’s and so fun to be around.  Not only do they help make all of the work that went into this absolutely beautiful, they are just two wonderful people that I will always want to work with.

Thanks again for checking it out!  Be sure to check out my galleries, shop, and follow me on Instagram @jcordobaphotos !  Until next time!

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